After questions, the primary community-driven input into Hypothesis is Context and the discussions surrounding it. Users and groups have the freedom to create and submit content for published, open questions according to the guidelines outlined in Formulating Questions.
Hypothesis’ intelligently-crafted rules for content creation are meant to spur vibrant, information-based discourse that is both accessible and fun to participate in. For example, we envision the platform’s content creation workflow including features to make citations easy to add and highly visible to readers.
Users and groups who produce or discover good Context for a given question will be assessed a bonus to their Foresight ratings based on the Usefulness of that content. This bonus can be positive or negative, and should be balanced to avoid excessive influence over Foresight. It also gives users another way to improve their Foresight ratings outside of making predictions. Depending on Hypothesis' revenue model, successful Context may also be awarded a portion of Hypothesis’ total subscription revenue according to its Usefulness score. Since Hypothesis already correlates the usefulness of Context to its publisher’s value, we believe it is appropriate to correlate a user or group’s ability to seek out and author useful research to theirs.
To make collecting and sharing research sources easier, users and groups can add links to their Saved Research section, which will automatically generate a content card like the ones found on a question’s detail screen. They can also easily produce and save drafts of personally-authored research. Additionally, publishers should be able to add the Save to Hypothesis plugin to their social sharing buttons, giving users a quick and easy way to share their content from their platform. When a user finds a question for which they have relevant research, they can easily navigate to their Saved Research or drafts section and share from there instead of having to constantly navigate outside the app.
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