Updated on August 24, 2021. Roadmap details subject to change.

2021-08 → 2021-09


  • Wrapping up Phase 1 of Hypothesis prototype development
    • Internal testing: functionality troubleshooting, basic feature validation
    • Features include:
      • Publish a question
      • Make a prediction
      • Resolve a question
      • Share a link
      • Add rich media to a resolved question
    • Establishing scope for Phase 2-4 of Hypothesis prototype development
  • Launching Discord community


  • Discord community structure and engagement strategy
    • Beta tester program
    • Solicit and validate community suggestions for Hypothesis
  • Execution strategy for Phase 2-4 of Hypothesis prototype development
    • Connect with relevant online communities & content creators for beta testing program

2021-09 → 2021-11


  • Wrap up Phase 2-4 of Hypothesis prototype development
    • Features include:
      • Everything you'd expect from a functional mobile app (onboarding, profiles, navigation, notifications, etc.)
      • Instant messaging: chat with friends and followers. Share questions and content via chat.
      • Rich media: add things like photos and videos to all questions on Hypothesis.
      • Newsfeed: browse all the content shared to Hypothesis separate from the question feed.
      • Bookmarks: Save questions and content you want to interact with later
      • Explore page: Add your interests to make your feed(s) more relevant to you!
  • MVP ready for beta testers (2021-11)
    • Invite-only beta program
      • Discord community gets to cut the waitlist line, starting with Trailblazers

2021-11 → 2022-01


  • Wrap up Phase 5 of Hypothesis prototype development
    • Features include:
      • Groups: Assemble a community based on expertise and ask questions and make predictions together.
      • Better comments: add threaded comments so you can keep your in-question conversations more organized
      • Orbits: organize your followers based on how accurately they predict about YOU. Set visibility permissions and display your Orbits as a badges of honor and reputation among friends.
  • Continue invite-only beta testing
    • Give users limited invites to share with friends

2022-01→ 2022-03


  • Continue MVP development and begin plans for public rollout
    • Features include:
      • SAGE: the AI chat bot YOU help train by asking questions and making predictions together. Pit your SAGE against other users' SAGEs and compete to train the smartest, most insightful AI.
      • Usefulness: rate publishers and content based on the extent to which they factor into your ability to make a correct prediction. This is where we start tackling misinformation directly.
      • Foresight: rate users and groups based on how accurate your predictions are over time.
      • Community-driven monetization: solicit subscriptions to your group-created content, questions and predictions. Leverage your community's expertise to earn money.
  • Continue invite-only beta testing
    • Give users more invites to share with friends
That's all we can share for now! Our long-term vision for Hypothesis includes plenty of plans, but startups move fast and roadmaps can change at the drop of a hat, so we don't think its very helpful to talk publicly about stuff more than 6 months out. Relevant stakeholders can contact [email protected] with inquiries. Keep an eye on this page for updates!