Updated on August 24, 2021. Roadmap details subject to change.

2021-08 → 2021-09


    Wrapping up Phase 1 of Hypothesis prototype development
      Internal testing: functionality troubleshooting, basic feature validation
      Features include:
        Publish a question
        Make a prediction
        Resolve a question
        Share a link
        Add rich media to a resolved question
      Establishing scope for Phase 2-4 of Hypothesis prototype development
    Launching Discord community


    Discord community structure and engagement strategy
      Beta tester program
      Solicit and validate community suggestions for Hypothesis
    Execution strategy for Phase 2-4 of Hypothesis prototype development
      Connect with relevant online communities & content creators for beta testing program

2021-09 → 2021-11


    Wrap up Phase 2-4 of Hypothesis prototype development
      Features include:
        Everything you'd expect from a functional mobile app (onboarding, profiles, navigation, notifications, etc.)
        Instant messaging: chat with friends and followers. Share questions and content via chat.
        Rich media: add things like photos and videos to all questions on Hypothesis.
        Newsfeed: browse all the content shared to Hypothesis separate from the question feed.
        Bookmarks: Save questions and content you want to interact with later
        Explore page: Add your interests to make your feed(s) more relevant to you!
    MVP ready for beta testers (2021-11)
      Invite-only beta program
        Discord community gets to cut the waitlist line, starting with Trailblazers

2021-11 → 2022-01


    Wrap up Phase 5 of Hypothesis prototype development
      Features include:
        Groups: Assemble a community based on expertise and ask questions and make predictions together.
        Better comments: add threaded comments so you can keep your in-question conversations more organized
        Orbits: organize your followers based on how accurately they predict about YOU. Set visibility permissions and display your Orbits as a badges of honor and reputation among friends.
    Continue invite-only beta testing
      Give users limited invites to share with friends

2022-01→ 2022-03


    Continue MVP development and begin plans for public rollout
      Features include:
        SAGE: the AI chat bot YOU help train by asking questions and making predictions together. Pit your SAGE against other users' SAGEs and compete to train the smartest, most insightful AI.
        Usefulness: rate publishers and content based on the extent to which they factor into your ability to make a correct prediction. This is where we start tackling misinformation directly.
        Foresight: rate users and groups based on how accurate your predictions are over time.
        Community-driven monetization: solicit subscriptions to your group-created content, questions and predictions. Leverage your community's expertise to earn money.
    Continue invite-only beta testing
      Give users more invites to share with friends
That's all we can share for now! Our long-term vision for Hypothesis includes plenty of plans, but startups move fast and roadmaps can change at the drop of a hat, so we don't think its very helpful to talk publicly about stuff more than 6 months out. Relevant stakeholders can contact [email protected] with inquiries. Keep an eye on this page for updates!
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